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52 Week Photography Project

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Every weekend I go out with my camera and occasionally I struggle to find inspiration. I respond well to photo challenges so I decided in February 2015 I would find a different subject/technique/genre and attempt to complete a 52 week project.  The photographs I choose will be published on this blog (usually on a Sunday evening)

Week 1 – Flash

This is my first attempt at using a studio and off camera flash. Found it really fun and helped by having an amazing model.

1/52 - Single Studio Flash

Week 2 – Pebbles

Pebble stacking deconstructed

2/52 - Stone Stacking

Week 3 – Reflection

Arbroath harbour. loved the colours and reflections at this small harbour 

3/52 - Reflection

Week 4 – Buttons

Little people at work in a button factory!

4/52 - Mini World

Week 5 – Wreck

Ship wreck of The Soverign at Cairnbulg east of Fraserburgh.  The wreck was used in Life of Pi’s promotional posters.

5/52 - ship wreck

Week 6 – Zig Zag

Took the photo of the stairs leading from Crown Terrace to Bridge Street.  It didn’t turn out to be very interesting until I (accidentally) viewed it on its side.  It then turned into something completely different.

6/52 Zig Zag

Week 7 – Odd and Even

interesting birds on a telegraph pole. I like odd numbers and like the way each line has an odd number of birds on it. However this then causes a problem as the total birds is an even number ….

7/52 birds

Week 8 – View from a Room

Early morning sunrise over Aberdeen beach.  Taken from my bedroom window

8/52 View from a room

Week 9 – Broken 

Looking through windows into abandoned factory in Aberdeen

9/52 - broken windows

Week 10 – Boots

There is a tree in Seaton Park, Aberdeen where people throw tied together shoes and boots over the branches.  Unfortunately ACC decide it is an eyesore and occasionaly cut them all down.  On this particular day there were at least 10 pairs hanging in the ‘Shoe Tree’

10/52 - boots

Week 11 – Circles

pile of chopped down trees

11/52 - circles

Week 12 – Bird

female Linnet – taken after the bird had been ‘ringed’

Week 13 – Wall

plaster detail on wall inside Musee d’orsay, Paris